Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Cornell Hurd Band!

Cornell wrote:  March 5th, 2011 - CD Release in AUSTIN...come hang with us at The Broken Spoke - Last of the True Texas Dance Halls, and pick up a copy of BIG STATE, LONG ROAD, and our new CD.

I must confess I am a hardcore Cornell Hurd Band fan.  What’s better than Country music’s worst nightmare wrapped around Texas Swing music?  The answer is nothin’cept the Cornell Hurd Band.

Cornell and I correspond occasionally to discuss (of all things) my geocaching videos and his music, or my take on his music.  He’s very approachable, by the way and when he isn’t playing in Austin or Houston, he drops a line.

My friend Dan Ellis (Wanda Ellis’ of the Baytown Museum’s son) loaned me a copy of Cornell’s CD “Live at Jovita’s” and it got inside my head real fast.  I’ve featured some of it on my geocaching videos as tribute to the band.

I had to have a copy, so the very day it was released, I sent Cornell the denaro.  Boy howdy, I was not disappointed!  I think this is his best and most accomplished studio effort!  He has all of his best stuff on it and it is going to stay in my car so I can get my Texas Swing fix going back and forth to the job-20.

"This is our "heart of the show" CD. For the most part, they're songs that we've played for years at our Texas dances. Most were re-recorded. All were re-mixed and re-mastered. Different vocals, solos, arrangements on some of them. There are a couple of exceptions. Paul Skelton's beautiful take on "Texas By Night (Twilight) is presented here in its entirety. "Heavy Breathin'" was a big number for me in San Jose a long time back. The new version is a Texas take. We're real happy with this record."

Cornell also has a Facebook page and a web site where you can get your mitts on his albums and memorabilia.

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