Friday, June 24, 2011

Goose Creek's Del Mont Hotel

Back in the late 1920's or maybe 1930 a hotel was built on the corners of W. Defee and N. Ashbel streets. It was the Del Mont hotel ad as you can see, it is still very much uinchanged. albeit no longer a hotel. I have been contacted by the wonderful historian Trevia Beverly requesting information on this building.

Ms. Beverly is a real sweetheart and I've had the pleasure of working with her on two histrical markers right here in Baytown. She is one of the many experts at the Harris County Historical Commission and a professional genealogist.

According to the note I received, the owners daughter states: "I believe the hotel was built somewhere in the mid 1920s and was the first hotel in Baytown. It has been owned by my father since the mid 1970s. My grandparents lived there and operated it as a hotel for temporary housing for Exxon turnaround employees. My grandfather operated his carpentry shop out of one half of the building before purchasing the building across the street from the hotel where he had a thriving antique furniture business".

In the next few days I am going to photograph the old building in greater detail than these, my older photos. Any and all information and memories of the Del Mont hotel can be submitted via the comments section of this blog or directy to me here: baytownbert at


Anonymous said...

I understand George & Winnie McKimstry owned this hotel, many years ago. Do you have the time period when they were the owners?

. . . . . said...

I do not, but this info may be available at the Baytown Museum.

Anonymous said...

Was there a death in this hotel. They are restoring it to lofts and from what I have heard there have been some strange activity going on

Anonymous said...

did a man burn up in the building?

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