Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Better buy a pair of hammers

Folks, you may not realize how hard working some citizens are in attempting to tear down the Constitution and it goes on right here among us.

Here is my response to one local anti-gun activist in the online edition of the Baytown Sun, who basically wants everyone to turn in all their evil firearms:

"I talked to a Russian citizen who had a Visa to drive an 18-wheeler here. Knowing citizens in Russia are forbidden to own firearms, I asked him about murder there. His exact words were, "In Russia, when we want to kill someone, we use a hammer."

Another local bellowing activist asked this golden question: "Is baytownblert's point supposed to be if the US banned all guns like Russia has done, then American white supremacists would instead use hammers to murder Mexicans?"

Now, FYI, this active radical is a 55+ year old white guy who is a true radical Leftist and extremely active. He never rests and sees nothing good about anyone or anything. I call him and his kind curmudgeons. They never contribute anything positive and never stop trying to stink up any place they visit.

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