Thursday, August 22, 2019

No More Mr. Nice Guy, No More Mr. Clean.

It is time to bury “Women and children first”.

"Women and children first" is a code of conduct dating from 1852, whereby the lives of women and children were to be saved first in a life-threatening situation, typically abandoning ship, when survival resources such as lifeboats were limited. However, it has no basis in modern culture or in an established society.

We need to stop this ancient anti-male practice immediately. Women and children are no more valuable to an established society, than men. In fact in many instances, they have little impact on their loss. If this sounds harsh, blame the women’s liberation movement for removing women and children from the endangered species list. Women especially are now given the exact same status as expendable men and this is the goal of the feminists. You’ve come a long way baby.

In some ways this is extremely liberating to men. No longer do you have to entertain the idea of opening a door for a female, or stepping to the side to let a woman or child enter first. Walk in like you own it men, because now, whoever can step in the lifeboat first gets the seat!


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Anonymous said...

TB: Radical feminism has done nothing but set females back. The pink hat wearing folks are loons. While I expect equal pay in the workplace, I also appreciate a door being held open for me, and knowing that my partner in crime is my protector, even though I know I can for the most part hold my own. Feminists and male haters are two completely different animals, and frankly, the latter embarrass the f@ck out of me.

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