Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is dead

I wouldnt rejoice in the demise of my worst enemy, but to me this is very good news! The only terrorist that is as bad as Bin Laden is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and he has ceased to exist.

He is the hooded guy who literally sawed off Nick Berg’s head along with a number of others. I watched the video and if you do not have a very determined constitution, I do not recommend it. The poor guy suffered in the extreme. The video was worse than anything Hollywood has portrayed in any slasher-type movie

Al-Zarqawi was the top Al Qaeda man in the Middle East and was a professional terrorist. His very presence promoted the never ending cycle of violence. Most Iraqi’s and Iranian’s want the very same thing I want and that is peace for my family, security, their own possessions and a good future. Removing Al-Zarqawi from the mix can only bring about the peace that all of us want.

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel. This heinous man kept the pot boiling. He was sold out by his own people who are sick and tired of all the violence. It is a common belief in this country that life means nothing to “those people’ and its just not so. When one of their loved ones is killed by ‘collateral damage’, they truly mourn the loss as we do.

The average Iraqi wants a job. They want to sit in safety at one of their open air cafes and drink sweet tea and smoke Turkish cigarettes. They want to argue the many facets of Islam. They do not want foreign troops walking up and down their streets. They want to retain their customs and especially their religion. The sooner people like Al-Zarqawi are gone, the quicker things will return to normal and we can leave.

Al-Zarqawi wasn’t even Iraqi, he was Jordanian. His only interest in Iraq was disrupting the peace process.

The Fedayeen and Al Qaeda fighters hide in neighborhoods and Mosques and shoot at American soldiers using the civilian backdrops against us. It is a very valid guerilla warfare tactic, but truly shows the terrorist attitude towards the Iraqi population. Their agenda has nothing to do with stabilizing the country, or protecting non-combatants.

In all this violence and unrest, the American and Coalition troops are blamed and caught in the middle. Remember to support our troops even if you don't agree with our governments policies!

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