Saturday, June 10, 2006

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

I voted for George W twice, but I'm beginning to wish we could see some positive from his election. Each President faces different challenges and I think we can all agree this administration has faced its share of conundrums. In the name of securing our country, we have seen many freedoms removed and like almost everyone, I went with it peacefully and in full agreement. However, maybe we are losing stuff we won’t get back. Civil rights are civil rights and if Israel has taught us anything, it’s we can’t stop terrorism if the bad guys are bent on delivering it.

With all the talk of national security, I’m also thinking its high time we backed off on the paranoia and since everyone agrees we cant stop both well meaning and bad people from crossing our borders, we might as well form local militias and arm each of us Veterans with M-16’s with M-79 grenade launchers attached in case the fricken Commies come over….%$#@ oops, wrong era! But you get the point. Maybe we do need to activate the Civil Defense forces instead of taking away our rights. I’m game.

This blog is humorous because I don’t have the answers to our problems, but I do see trouble ahead if we keep tightening up in the name of security.

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