Friday, June 30, 2006

Is Global Warming George Bush’s fault?


China has a much worse pollution problem than we do and it is getting worse by the day with their new found ownership of the automobile. In China almost everyone smokes cigarettes too. In most third world countries, people burn everything and I mean everything including tires. They dump everything into the rivers and streams.

Flaring at chemical plants in Europe is not regulated by fines like it is here in the USA. When they clear equipment, or have a shutdown, they open up their vents and smoke the flare until they are done. In this country Chemical plants are fined out the kazoo every time they smoke a flare.

Our problems here will not be solved in many of years of mandatory environmental emission (EPA) reductions without individual citizen detriments including job loss. It's very complicated and no one wants their lifestyle impinged upon, unless they do it voluntarily.

We need OPEC oil because we consume 25% of all the refined oil. We have to drill here immediately in virgin forests if we are going to break out of this dependency. Of course, we could become militant as a country, draw our belts up a notch, and get on with reducing emissions by using alternate sources of fuel.

I don't see that happening anytime soon, as no one wants to sacrifice. That's why folks are buying gas guzzling SUV's even now with gas at $3+ a gallon. Blaming this country for global warming, while the rest of the world dumps, burns, vents and belches to the atmosphere and oceans is not realistic. It is going to take a concerted effort around the globe by individual countries to slow down pollution.

To me, it doesn’t matter who is in the White House when it comes to solving our energy needs. If a Democratic president imposes super strict environmental controls to protect the/our “sustainable resources”, we will see mass unemployment and a general exodus of companies going overseas. They will pickup polluting the environment; right where they left off, but in another country that has no EPA laws and we will have no jobs.

We are at the same place this country was when we went from whale oil to fossil fuels. Folks lost jobs and swore the world would come to an end if we stopped whaling because it would cause mass unemployment and loss of everything they held dear. Well guess what? Folks changed because times changed and many folks clung to the old ways, but over time we made the transition and we will weather this one too.

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