Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baytown's Jenkins Park Sees an Explosion of Activity!

Jenkins Park in Baytown, Texas  is seeing an explosion of runners, joggers, walkers, dog lovers, picnickers, and cyclists reminiscent of the 70's craze for exercise.  Here is a fellow who told me he was running 7-10 miles today.  He runs every day in this park.  Another lady runner is running 16 miles a time training for an upcoming marathon.

Many young people are using the skate park and another fellow regularly flies his RC airplane in the parking lot.  If you haven't visited this well-maintained park, please avail yourself of one of Baytown's finest recreational areas.

There is a proposed trail addition (see Map photo) that will expand the trails considerably.  3 new bridges are planned to span Cary Bayou.  The park is maintained by the Park Superintendent Scott Johnson who is doing an admirable job.

These photos were taken this morning under the threat of rain. There was no wind and high humidity and yet the paths still had people on them running and enjoying the park. In the evenings there are ten times as many people here.


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Anonymous said...

John wrote: "Jenkins Park is a superb park. It has everything that anyone would want. I'm glad that there are so many people using this great park. Anytime I want to jog, I go here. Anytime I want to dust off the old skateboard, I go here."

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