Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just in From The Anahuac Gator Fest

A boat can get small ---- when you have company like this !  We turned him in this morning at GatorFest over in Anahuac and are currently in 1st place !

Tagged by Phillip Jureczki - a local Baytown and Chambers County business owner and avid hunter and fisherman - the storefront in the background of that picture is JJ's DryDock and Bait on GouHole Road right near the Hugo Park Boat ramp in Chambers County off FM 565 (correction) - a great place to store your boat and buy live bait / ice / fishing gear for fishing upper Trinity Bay.

Mitchell Pearce


Anonymous said...

Justin wrote: "Wow that's crazy Mr Marshall"

Anonymous said...

Kay wrote: "just don't get too close to the bayou..gators tend to slap you into the water with their tails and then, well you know, they win."

Anonymous said...

Follow up - first - I had a typo "off FM 563" - should have read - off FM 565

Seondly as big as that gator was - a bigger one was brought in late in the day
and an even bigger one the next day....

When I get the final tally I will pass it along
As they had 4 categories which you could win

1. biggest of the day
2. biggest of the event
3. biggest in the county
4. a 100.00 per hour bonus for the current leader

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