Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Trip Up Cedar Bayou

My buddy Jim McDonnel took his circa 1971 John boat up Cedar Bayou today, launching from the boat dock at Roseland Park.  We motored all the way to the I-10 bridges, occasionally bumping an underwater log as we neared the bridges.  We saw many different birds, including great blue herons, night herons, white egrets, caracara, anhinga,  cormorants, kingfishers, and vultures.

We also found about 5-6 boats completely destroyed.  I wonder who is responsible for their removal?

We discovered Cedar Bayou for the most part is unspoiled and beautiful.  It will be a real shame to see it ruined by the noise and traffic pollution caused by the proposed barge terminal.
Baytown Bert in a rare self-portrait

The bridges under I-10.  Its very beautiful here.


Anonymous said...

Melvin wrote: "That is a nice trip, I've done that several times in the past 40 years. You seem to be in a more desolate place than you actually are, and I will add it has been pretty in the fall of the year and if your quiet you can see the wood ducks flying."

Anonymous said...

I had a blast Bert.....for folks that have never been up Cedar Bayou.....very beautiful and tranquil trip. Many, many different types of birds everywhere. thanks for a great time amigo! Jim McDonnel

Anonymous said...

Cedar Bayou is certainly a treasure for the area. You might be interested in a community effort to help preserve the water quality in the

JMBower said...

Actually, the website for the community effort is The oyster creek link is for a different, related effort. We invite y'all to come take part in the meetings, and thanks Bert for your fantastic write up of our local jewel.

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