Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meet the New Boss

*“I'll tip my hat to the new constitution. Take a bow for the new revolution. Smile and grin at the change all around”.

Finally! The Democrats have the Houses back and there is a refreshing change in the air! Well, at least that is what some folks are saying. Rack and ruin all around us, they say and Nancy Pelosi and her followers are going to bring integrity back to Capital Hill.

People are mad, folks are angry, we need a revolution…oops, I guess I was getting caught up in the late 1960’s rhetoric of my youth. My bad. I’ll try to behave, Mom.

Somehow, this new generation of politically partisan pundits is going to sweep into Washington with a cornucopia of answers that will finally put an end to the heinous, vile, evil, irresponsible, offensive, arrogant, mismanagement of our government and restore the world’s faith in the American government…just like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did. Whew!

*“Pick up my guitar and play…Just like yesterday, then I'll get on my knees and pray”.

I’ve long told anyone who would listen that the enemies of this country need to fear it. This would free our government to be benevolent. “Mine Gott, Baytown Bert, are you crazy”? “You are a war monger, Sir”! “Why would other countries need to fear us, if we would use diplomacy instead of the sword”? “That George W Bush…!”

Sheesh! I was only paraphrasing Theodore Roosevelt. “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. It’s not a secret Bin Laden thought we would run like scared rabbits after the WTC was destroyed. We ran from Lebanon and we ran from Somalia. We did nothing when the USS Cole was blown to smithereens. America’s ability to back up its mouth had become a world-class joke.

One reason most martial artists become proficient fighters is so they can choose not to fight. By having the confidence and ability to take the fight to the attacker, it allows the martial artist a great number of peaceful options they would not have, if they were vulnerable. America in a weakened state is not something I ever want to see.

Our Country pumps trillions of American dollars into 70-plus percent of the countries on earth and then most of them turn on us when we require certain economic privileges. They giggle in delight when we hand them giant stacks of greenbacks and then bellow like wild animals to the United Nations that we are being unfair when we ask for cooperation.

Try that strategy at your local loan institution. Take their loan dollars and then tell everyone they are being unfair because they expect repayment. Add onto this scenario the simple fact that the USA gives money away with a small percentage of return expected. Our investments ensure we continue to enjoy the American way of life.

*“We don't get fooled again. Don't get fooled again! No, no! Yeaaah!” (For the Democratically controlled government – my words)

Well-meaning Americans hear these countries whimpering and the United Nations chastising America and the first thing they do is turn on our own government. I’m going to let everyone in on another well known secret: Whoever holds the purse strings is in charge. If our Country is picking up the tab, the other country’s interests should never trump what is ultimately good for America! If we decide to be benevolent in the decision making process, so much the better, but if we do not, we have every right to call in our chits.

Now for the kicker: *“Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”.

Even after 6 years of being in the minority in the Senate and Congress, these new leaders have very little to offer in way of a plan, other than reactionary politics. Most all of our Senators are rich beyond our wildest dreams, wield power most of us will never acquire and have perks we only dream about. They are basically, the same as their hated partisan opponents. “Which Party are you talking about, BB”? “Both”.

Meet the new boss, who is basically the old boss. For all the posturing and strutting, I’m thinking we are about to enter the next Presidential race with the same people we now have, but with different heads. For the next year and a half, we will hear a ton of promises, but in the end, the American people will get whatever benefits the Washington fat cats the most.

I guess we are truly a Capitalist run country after all.

*Won’t get fooled again – The Who

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