Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Saddam - Osama Connection

Radical Islam is after world conquest and Bin Laden is at the top of the leadership structure. Anyone not of his/their flavor of Islam is the enemy or helping the enemy pollute Islam. This is why Islamic Jihadists attack other Moslems and even the Arabic leadership structure. The World Trade Towers were the epitome of Globalization and Capitalism, something the radicals view as Satanic. It was a natural target. The Taliban government in Afghanistan openly supported and trained insurgents and that is why we attacked their country. We gave them an ultimatum after 9-11 and they snubbed their nose at us.

Saddam Hussein wasn't religious and openly persecuted Shiite Moslems and Kurds. He was a thug and a criminal, using his power as a warlord. The Sunni Moslems embraced his Baathist government and since they are not fundamentalist in the practice of their religion, he did not perceive them as a threat. He persecuted Iraqi Shiites, claiming they followed Iran’s religion.

He did however actually have WMD’s and it was proven over and over, plus he actively sought the making of an atomic bomb for many years. The U.N. inspectors uncovered whole warehouses full of dirty bomb components, but since they were not assembled, they reluctantly had to say the ingredients could be used for other causes. I watched it myself on a CNN broadcast.

Aside from Saddam's minders playing footsie with the UN Inspectors, the danger of known WMD components inside Iraq escaping through it's porous borders was justification enough to attack Iraq, as it posed and still does a very real threat against America. Our troops are still uncovering caches of arms, bombs and weapons buried inside Iraq and Afghanistan, as bizarre as that sounds.

The connection between Osama and Saddam is in the very real possibility that some of the WMD’s that Saddam shuffled all around the U.N. Inspectors will make it’s way into the hands of Al Qaeda sleeper cells to be released inside our country. The common lament that Iraq never had WMD’s is as false as the claim that the Holocaust never took place. The reason our government can not claim victory in that area is because of the legal U.N. definition of WMD’s and has nothing to do with the fact that they did in fact exist.

Here’s an example: You go into a kitchen and on the table is a carton of eggs, a slab of bacon, a loaf of bread, some coffee grounds and filters and you are looking for “a breakfast meal”. There’s no breakfast, only the ingredients, so guess what? No breakfast here…

Next is the very real possibility that the volatile situation involving radical Islam would render Saddam persona non grata, or dead anyway. With the increasing violence caused by radical Islam, even Saddam’s oil refineries were a target and America’s security and future depends on stability in the Middle East. With China looking every which way for oil and Russia desiring to be back in Superpower status, it was only a matter of time before one of them had Advisors either in Iraq, or Iran. America could not let this happen.

America leadership decided this was the perfect time to give Saddam an ultimatum and the rest of the world’s main opposing powers (Russia, China, France, etc.) threw a U.N. fit. The reason they did not want to go along with George is two-fold. One, they will do anything to minimize America’s power. Second, they were all double-dealing under the table with Saddam against the rules of the sanction.

Saddam was playing both sides against the middle. America cut off the illegal oil pipeline after we invaded and this caused oil prices to skyrocket. Russia, China and France had to buy oil on the open market now and in competition with everyone else.

Now the dust has partially settled and we are sitting quite pretty on both sides of Iran, below it and above. The Iraqi-Sunni-Baathists want “their” country back and are fighting their ancient enemy, the Shia (Shiites), which are fundamentalist Moslems, albeit not of Osama’s ilk. The Shia’s want revenge for the abuse they took under the Baathist’s. Al Qaeda is indiscriminately killing everyone, as they hate all infidels, Shia, Sunni, Jews, Kurds and all polluters. In the middle of all this is the new Iraqi government trying to settle all these people down so they can resume normalcy.

The bulk of Iraq’s population is caught in the middle. We cannot leave, or the void will instantly be filled with Russian or Chinese advisors (mark my words) or the country will fall into absolute anarchy and then everyone on earth will be screaming about the oil. So, what business do we have in the Middle East? All and everything, period. Given time, America’s presence will stabilize the whole area and in the meantime, the killing will continue. The stakes are so high we, as a country cannot afford to let anyone else decide the future of the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Good job! Bruno

Seabird said...

Very insightful!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I forwarded this to my boss, Faiz Syed, a Moslem of Pakistani origin and now a Canadian citizen. I am very interested in his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your column on the Saddam-Osama connection in the Baytown Sun. It motivated me to do some research of my own on the subject. I discovered this article on the net and would love to see some of this information published. I found a lot of good sites, but this one seems to cover most of the information in one article. I'm so tired of hearing from some of the Baytown citizens in the Letters to the Editor and wish someone would set them straight with some real information. BL

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