Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Baytown Little Theater - The Lost Tribe

I am embarrassed to say I have never attended a single play at the Baytown Little Theater …until today and boy howdy, I was impressed! It is truly one of Baytown’s best kept secrets and that is a shame and a sin because it is a first class act – no pun intended.

The production du joir is “The Lost Tribe” written by Jeff Stolzer and expertly directed by Kim Martin. This play has won the author three major awards and after watching it, I can see why. My mother, yours truly, and my bud Jared “Ike” Eikhoff attended, along with my brother TJ Bustem and his bride. After all, my nephew and their son, Ryan was one of the characters in the play.

The story unfolds inside an old barber shop in Los Angeles in 1998 and involves the barber, his wife, son and a cast of interesting characters. It was billed as a drama, but had humorous moments also. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I kept myself open and thoroughly enjoyed the fine acting.

The lead role is the barber Henry Cohen expertly portrayed by Jim Wadzinski. Now, I am not familiar with this man, but every move he made and every expression was first class – and then there was his accomplished delivery. What we witnessed today was nothing short of expert acting. I felt I was watching people live out their lives – not acting.

His wife Ruth Cohen played by Sue Gage was also top notch acting. Her performance brought tears to my eyes, it was so exacting. I have met people like her character and they are a blessing and a curse, but never dull.

Each character brought a piece of the package and each scene flowed like water. I am totally sold on the BLT now. I may even come see this one again; it was that good and I'm sure I didn't get everything the actors offered.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Bert. I am so happy that you were able to make it, and even happier that you really enjoyed it. RJ

Anonymous said...

Very good. Connie

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