Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jeep Madness continues!

I just made my first payment on my Jeep which I purchased less than one month ago and I'm already modifying it to make it even more capable…not that the 2011 Jeep Wrangler doesn’t already dominate the field, because it does, but because I have, well, Jeep madness, an incurable disease and I need prayer bad..

The only vehicle in its price range that comes close is the FJ Cruiser and it comes in second to be blatantly honest.  Besides, Toyota and Jeep people only tolerate each other unless we are on the trail and then there is a camaraderie and competition.

My first modification was a bolt on receiver hitch, which I added for a total of $77 after market and saved $228 by not getting it from the dealer.

The next modification was the removal of the plastic Air Dam and bolting on the Skid Row front skid plate made of steel and powder coated for off-roading goodness and durability.

Today, the good UPS man delivered my Poison Spyder evaporator skid plate, which like the Skid Row plate, I ordered from Marcus at River City Off-Road in Austin.  Marcus is a friend of mine and hails from Baytown, plus he gives me the best price!

The PS skid plate protects the vulnerable canister which is computer controlled and allows emissions to be recycled back to the intake manifold reducing pollution. It’s a Chrysler misstep and the skid plate remedies this.  Live and learn and I do not fault them, as they have made giant strides in the Jeep capability since I bought my last Wrangler in 1997. 

My 97 “TJ” was the best out of the box Jeep ever made and my 2011 “JKU” beats it by a mile.  The madness continues – more to follow as I follow the rules of the acronym J.E.E.P.  Just empty every pocket and River City Off-Road is going to oblige me on my mission.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting. Well written!
Also see my webpage -

Charity said...

This is informative and i like the Jeep. Looks sport and would love to drive anywhere. I changed my Jeep Suspension last month but I think a new Jeep is now in my budget.

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