Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Red Fox Updater!

It's been a little over a year since our first two chefs quit because they didn't want to open for lunch or brunch . . .

It's been a little over 2 months since I fired my hotshot CIA chef because he couldn't prepare pre-planned meals for a party of 20 in under 3.5 hours, not to mention other fiascoes.  I think he was chef #5.

There's been a lot of history in the meantime.

But for the last two plus months, we've had great food and decent service.  I've been scared to talk about it without doing the proverbial "knock on wood" thing first . . . Chef Leslie Moore took over on or about March 1.  The staff likes her.  Henry likes her (!).  Everybody likes her food - in fact, we all think it's pretty excellent.

Chef Leslie plans to be the only executive chef we need from here on out.  She's hired a baking chef (Chef Jodi), so we now have fresh bread every day, and Leslie's really concentrating on consistency and ticket times.  We still have some service concerns, but we also have a new staff member (Chef Aggie) who's focused on front of the house training and who has already made a difference.

Chef Leslie's experience is extensive.  So is Chef Aggie's, though she's just recently back in the food service industry, which is her first love.  Chef Jodi is younger. She's making sure we actually have all the desserts on our menu, which feels like a major improvement . . . Chef Leslie gets a big kick out of serving bananas foster properly.  We can't do flambe in the dining room without special equipment, but Leslie's figured out a way to serve it flaming, providing your table is fairly close to the kitchen. Pretty special, I think.

Things are good at the Fox right now.  We've brought back the bison burgers, and we're looking for a good source of bison ribeye, though we haven't got that back on the menu yet - we've sometimes got fresh crawfish at a really good price - and we've always got fresh seafood.  If you don't see something you like, Chef will make a special effort to give you what you ask for.  We've changed brunch hours to 9 to 3 to give you more time before and after church.  We're working on restructuring prices a little bit - in your favor, but that's not going to be formal until we print a new menu.  Meantime, we've got weekly specials.

We've brought back our live music and someone's playing most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and always on special occasions - like Mother's Day.

Things are good.  Our staff is excellent right now, and we've put some good training measures into place to keep it that way.

Remember - come as you are or come dressed up.  We'll be glad to see you!  If a lot of you are coming all at once, it'd be nice if you called first - and definitely, if you know you're coming late, let us know so that we can stay open for you.

the Red Fox

214 West Texas Avenue

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