Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas Avenue Streetscape Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

I drove down to old Goose Creek today for the Texas Avenue streetscape ribbon cutting ceremony and wow, it really looks nice.  Rather than go into a bunch of rhetoric, I’ll share some photos.  In attendance were Congressman Gene Green, Mayor Don Carlos, all of our city councilmen, city officials, Patti Jett, Craig Muessig, and my favorite artist, Ken “the Dauber” Pridgeon.

Chatting with Chief of Police Dougherty, I jokingly asked him to arrest Larry Houston for aggravated ignorance (Larry and I are geocaching buddies and the Chief’s neighbor).  Representing the National Memorial Ladies, was Cheryl Whitfield who was there to support Ken Pridgeon’s Fallen Heroes studio opening.  You can follow her efforts here.

I also saw a number of business folks namely Linda Stewart of the Red Fox restaurant, Don Coffey and wife, local artists Bobbie Sutphin and Jim McDonnel.  Nick Woolery kicked off the ceremony and I shared greetings with City Manager Bob Leiper and his able and friendly assistant Kevin Troller.  Well, I’m in trouble now for naming names, but suffice it to say there were a lot of concerned Baytown folks helping to move Baytown forward.

The street looks beautiful and it’s a proud moment for all of us who want to see the area rebuild.


Natalie said...

I drove down Texas Ave. today on a trip back from the was after all the hoopla, but WOW! It looks SO NICE! I was impressed and hope the improvements help spur things in the area. Great work by all who were involved.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! The Brunson theater bldg, the old Citizen Bank bldg. and to think we would drive down Texas Avenue after an ice cream cone at San Jacinto Creamery on the way back home. Nice job to all those responsible!!

HoustonControl said...

Thanks for the "plug". No wonder the chief's been looking at me funny lately. Feels like a scene from "Lakeview Terrace".

I need to cruise the drag and check out the improvements!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!! JD

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