Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Passing of an American Hero - Zeb Wilcox

I hate to hear about the passing of Mr. Wilcox. I am a teacher at Rider High School in Wichita Falls. I was honored by Mr. Wilcox presence at our school to recount his experience on the USS Indianapolis. I can still remember the sense of brotherhood I felt as his buddies Guy Morgan and L.D. Cox spoke to us. I was honored to visit with them privately and they were most gracious to sign a newspaper article that was written about them. I later had the article framed and it hangs in my classroom.
As I teach WWII, I always point to that article and tell their story that they told me. Today as I was packing up my stuff as I do every year, I saw the framed article and again read it. I decided to look up these American heroes as I have annually done to see how they were doing. It was sad to see the passing of Mr. Wilcox. It was because of Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Cox that I decided to ask my own Grandfather about his experience which he had not shared with anybody but my grandmother. It was one of the greatest moments of my life when he shared his experience of WWII with me and one that I will never forget.
He passed away on my Birthday Sept. 29,2010. Taps played which was truly an emotional moment for me. I can only imagine the emotion for Mr. Morgan as he played Taps for his friend.I wish I could have been there for Mr. Wilcox funeral and paid my respects for his service for our country and the education he gave to our students and myself about the war.
I will honor Mr. Wilcox memory all my teaching days by telling his story and the story of his brothers during WWII. Rest in Peace Mr. Wilcox and God Bless!!

Scot Green
US History Teacher
Wichita Falls Rider High School

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Anonymous said...

That was a very good article about Zeb on your blog. My Dad also shared his experiences with my niece when she was very young for a school assignment. Until then he told nobody not even my Mom.

Much of what he told my niece was also used for his obituary. This generation from WWII did allot of the USA. CK

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