Sunday, June 17, 2012

GC3B8ZZ Geocache: Baytown Bert's A Crying

GC3B8ZZ Geocache Hell?  You decide.

A group of us intrepid geocachers are going after these two caches next Saturday: Read what one fellow experienced just the other day: 
Blindzman wrote: Well I guess I should write a log for y'all to laugh at. My wife, son, daughter and me met up with CacheControl at about 9:00am on the trail and were separated at about 9:15am (mistake number 1) The first cache we went to was "A cache to cry over", it is in the same woods as this one. When y'all do it you will understand how much extra is involved in that cache. When we left there we were only .51miles from "BB's a crying". We thought it wasn't going to be that big of a deal. 
Well it took us at least 1.5 hours to get between them. The real problems was on the way out, it was only about .73 miles from the cache to parking so we started off & that hike took us almost 2.5 hours. Well between the two caches I knew I was not in that bad of shape but I also knew I was not in the best of shape either, we almost turned around but figured we did not want to give up. About half way out I realized how bad of shape I really was in and how dehydrated I really was with about .25 left on the way out. 
I honestly did not think I was going to make my way out the last .15, both my legs were cramped straight and I looked like double peg leg walking, it was on nothing but pure drive and will power. We finally came out of the woods at 2:30 directly in front of the parking and I fell down under the water spigot at the house and laid there for about 10 mins with ants covering me and really did not care because I was cooling off. 
Well from there it just got worst. 
The home owner finally found me and had me come into a breeze way to get out of the sun. While there I had them cut my pants off from the knees down. While out of the trail I had taken my outer shirt off and was in my undershirt, well that ripped off and I put my main shirt back on. CacheControl showed up and suggested we call 911 so I listened and when they showed up they started me on an I.V. 
CacheControl and Blindzman at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown, texas
By the time we got to the hospital I felt so much better and refused to be admitted and went outside to wait on my family to show up. After about 10 mins the ambulance driver offered me her phone and my wife did not pick up so he suggested she may be in the ER waiting room so I walk in there with my cut off shorts no shoes and no shirt with my ripped under shirt hanging from my waist and the nurse were looking at me like they were fixing to call 911 on me again but for a completely different reason and my family thankfully was in there and off we went. 
Well thacatfish, and Geogeex showed up to check on me and after about 10 mins of sitting in the parking lot we headed home. I guess I have to say TFTC but don't know if we will ever reattempt this one again and we at least got the smiley. For all of y'all thinking of going after this one make sure you DOUBLE the amount of water you think you should bring.

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