Friday, June 08, 2012

Art League of Baytown - Face Off

I was back up at the Art League of Baytown today working on their computer print capabilities and adjusting a few file protocols and I took time to admire the many masks that Art league members and local students submitted for their first ever "Face Off" competition.  I photographed a few of them to show everyone how amazing they are.  Some are even for sale, but you must hurry to see or buy one, as the exhibit will be coming down very soon.
Susan Urban showed me her 3rd place winning entry "Chakra"

These two were made using the Raku Process

This one is my personal favorite. 2nd place Billie Brinkley "Tree Spirit: Seasons Change
I loved this one too!  Billie Brinkley "See Spot Run"

This is one of many made from a gourd.  Darla Hines "Relic Dancer"
Totally loved this one by Liz Caldwell!  "Its Coming"
The first place winner by "SAINT MARK" and "HOGGO" by Marsha Landers

Art League of Baytown is at 110 West Texas Avenue close to Roosters.

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