Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baytown Bert's a Crying Cache Adventure

Baytown Bert's a Crying cache

Nebulus703, Geohiker, & BryanWilpitz
  5Ersker wrote: Baytown Bert arranged a group effort to make this find. He called our group "Team Flirting with Disaster" I believe there were about 8 of us. This is my second effort to be at the GZ (at least I think I was at the GZ, not sure because this is the one where my GPS/Smartphone died) Log was signed, as a Team. So glad to get this one off my DNF list. Few pic's to post later.
Team Flirting with disaster walking back after 3 hours of brush busting
Baytown Bert wrote: We mashed up as a team of x-perts today, calling ourselves Team Flirting With disaster and made a valiant attack on ground zero with only about 300 scratches and possibly 200 chiggers (Yest to see results). Only one speckled King snake was stepped on. I must confess, I cried the whole time I was looking for the cache. CO met us afterward to gloat. Curse you Jason Gipson and your heinous cache!
MSeivers09 shows off his battle scars

Nebulus703 wrote: The hike to this cache from A Cache To Cry Over was actually not too bad. We made find pretty easily too. However, the whole journey of getting these two caches was pretty intense. Thanks for the fun!
Speckled King Snake was actually stepped on, but slithered off unharmed
Bryanwilpitz wrote: Had a great time finding this one with local geocachers. This one is getting a fav.
Geohiker wrote: Thanks to thacatfish for putting out this fun cache.  Met up with Baytown Bert and gang for a team effort to find the two caches in these woods.  Looking forward to the next adventure.
Nebulus703 climbs 15 feet up in a tree to get cache: GC3BK37
Aaron Barbee wrote: Continuing on from (GC3BK37) A Cache to Cry Over we made our way out to this cache; the reason we came out to this god-forsaken place.

The trek wasn't so bad really.  We found a nice channel down the woods where we could walk upright.  After about another 30 minutes we were at the new GZ and quickly signing the log.  This one didn't involve any human ladders, corpses (not for lack of trying from what I see from the previous logs), or booby-traps.  hehehehehe  I said booby.  [;)]

We made our way towards the pipeline for a nice stroll in the scorching sun.  And, after about 20 minutes we were at the house we started from with a smiling CO to greet us and make sure there were no (or maybe hoping there WERE) casualties.

Thanks for a good one!  Definitely gets a favorite point!

Bryan Wilpitz, Cache owner Jason Gipson (thacatfish), and Aaron Barbee
 Ersky wrote: Of course with our group "Flirting with Disaster" we were assured to find this cache, but it was a large task. TFTC!

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