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High Noon Gun Range Crosby Texas

High Noon Gun Range Crosby Texas

My bride and I made a visit to the High Noon Gun Range in Crosby Texas last week for the first time and bow howdy, the place is first class. Baytown does not have a public range since Mr. Turner shut down Turner's gun range behind Mobay, now Bayer and it is danged difficult to find a place close by to pop a few caps.  My previous experience with a local gun range in Pasadena has left much to be desired.  High Noon is expanding the range to 12 lanes and it is $12 per hour per person to shoot - no limit on the number of firearms.  At the current cost of ammunition, I don't know how anyone can afford to shoot for more than an hour anyway.  My .44 costs me a dollar every time I pull the trigger.
My bride and I were shooting to two firearms.  Her Kahr E9 - 9 mm and my Charter Arms Bulldog Pug in .44 Special.  this is basically the same revolver David Berkowitz, more commonly known as the Son of Sam killer used.  The Charter Arms Bulldog Pug has a short barrel and at one time was referred to as a Saturday Night Special, but at 30 feet, I could easily put four out of five shots in the head of the target.  This revolver incidentally only holds five cartridges.
My Bride shooting the Kahr E9 9mm and I shoot the Charter Arms .44 Special.  
My five foot three inch Bride easily handled the large caliber .44 Special.  Both of us wore ear plugs and ear muffs to dampen the massive noise, which can ruin a person's hearing.  Before we fired, we reviewed proper muzzle control and she loaded the magazines herself.  We met our friend Aaron Burton also, but I failed to get a photo of him.

I returned a day later with Daniel Blackford to complete the shooting requirement portion of my Concealed Handgun License renewal.  He can be reached by email for classes at dblackford001 AT or by his Facebook account.

Daniel Blackford and I pose for a photo at my Concealed Handgun License test.

Both days of shooting we observed conventional gun range safety, which is paramount for everyone on the range.  In this photo, I am wearing the Center for Disease Control's official Zombie Task Force shirt.
Daniel Blackford is an Ex-Secret Service agent under President Bill Clinton and a certified Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor.  He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the law and concealed carry.
 My favorite gun shop in Baytown is Magnum Firearms in Baytown on the corner of North main Street and Park Street.  They will be getting a web page soon, but for now, here is their Facebook page.  I believe in supporting local Mom and Pop businesses as much as possible.


Anonymous said…
Let me know when you're ready to go bust some more caps! I had a blast (no pun). DB
Anonymous said…
You are right. Who can afford to shoot more than an hour when the cost of the ammo is so high? C Kelm
Anonymous said…
The last time I was their the owner in a wheelchair was throwing a fit about everything. I don't plan on going back until I can be assured he isn't there. He was rude with customers, his son and his wife. I don't need drama.
Anonymous said…
rude owner in wheelchair won't be back. Rude to customers, son, wife and I don't need drama. When he isn't there I'll return.
Anonymous said…
THe owner is rude and was very rude to my wife. I would nof liked to kick his ass wheelchair or not. I will never be back

Anonymous said…
Owner keeps you safe follow the rules, he is great maybe you walked in after he had to throw someone out for waving a loaded pistol around, yea it takes a little to calm down but he runs a safe clean shop
Anonymous said…
Admin note: Some coward spineless turd posted something inappropriate, so I deleted it. It's scum like this that make me keep a filter on the comments section. Now, if they would have posted their real name and address, I would have posted it.
Louie said…
My son in law and I went in there and had a great time. We squeezed off about 100 rounds each from my new Smith & Wesson M&P15. The owner was in there and was very pleasant to talk with.
Anonymous said…
I too have had a terrible experience with the owner. His wife and son are great. Owner is a control freak, greeted my wife and I with "or your gun loaded" no idiot I have chl and carry empty pistol, what a moron, watched us like a hawk we were very uncomfortabke. Not going back.
Anonymous said…
New Owners now

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