Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baytown Bert's Delicious Breakfast Texas Tacos for 15

18 - extra large grade A eggs
3 - medium raw jalapeno's
1 - medium yellow onion
2#'s - store brand pork pan sausage (it's actually leaner)
20 - medium sized premium tortillas
1 - bottle Mexican or Texan-made hot sauce or salsa
-------------------- ---------------------- -------------------- -------------
1. Slice the cold pan sausage into one inch slices
2. In large skillet cook pork slices until you can chop them into small pieces
3. Immediately add raw jalapeno slices & seeds plus onion slices
4. On griddle heat tortillas and put on clean towel over plate - cover as you add more
5. Do not drain the skillet unless you used a name brand pan sausage.
6. Add beaten eggs, salt and pepper heavily...not salt, but pepper.
7. When it is no longer runny and you have turned it frequently, it is ready to serve, out of the skillet.

Take a heated tortilla, stuff it with the melange, add a spot of hot sause, or salsa and roll it up for delicious consumption.

*Do NOT Microwave a flour tortilla! It's against the law (or should be).
*Slice the onions into large rings and the jalapeno's also so folks can remove them if they like. They need to eat these items, but many do not think so, so you give them the item cooked into the food and let them remove the offensive material.

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