Friday, April 14, 2006

Should President Bush fire Donald Rumsfeld?

It's very early on to make a judgment here IMO. There is always a divide between military strategy and political fallout. The Generals want to “git er done” and the politicians worry about image.

I read a couple of years ago Donald Rumsfeld had an unconventional idea on how the military should be structured and this has caused real concern with the Old Guard. I’ve personally stood in the office of a Brigadier General and Generals rule like kings. It’s hard to imagine how powerful they are (unless you are in their chain of command). They do NOT care for anyone who crosses them. Civilians read about Generals with only a passing interest.

Military leaders are pretty much apolitical and they have to be, but once they’ve retired, they can vent or state their own politics. Take for instance Wesley Clark and Tommy Franks opposite stances.

Rumsfeld is a no-nonsense guy that Generals understand, but that doesn’t mean he always makes the correct decision or they like him. I’ll hold my judgment until more facts come in.

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