Sunday, April 30, 2006

The illegal immigrant

May I suggest a book that will open anyone's eyes, if they will read it?

Lines and Shadows

Its named 'Lines and Shadows' by Joseph Waumbaugh and the above link will secure you a used copy for under 5 bucks shipped to your door.

This excellent book explains the plight of people attempting to come into this country from the Mexican border and how bandits, extortioners and Mexican police beat, rape, rob and kill them.

It's a true story and will help us understand how desperate these people are to get a better life. It's not as easy as getting the right papers, most of the time its almost impossible.

I am all for being in this country legally, however this like every other major problem is very very complicated and we shouldn't become vigilante in our righteousness.

Immigration is very good for this country and legal immigration is a must, but all this will take time and we should let due process take its course.

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