Friday, April 21, 2006

The war in Iraq, et al...

I think the war has gone on too long, but once committed, we should see it through. All wars are fought over money, and occupation, even WW ll. All wars involve dying and suffering and in a perfect world, we wouldn’t fight.

I’ve followed this Iraq business closely for a number of years and I still believe the WMD’s were/are there. I could hide a quart jar of Anthrax or Ebola in my own neighborhood and folks could take years finding it, especially if I buried it and that small amount of virus would kill millions if released.

Iraq had it, used it against the Kurds, kept records like the Germans, and still couldn’t explain what they did with it when the inspectors wanted proof. Right up to the invasion, everyone agreed he had it still. But, bottom line is we have to clean up the mess before we can withdraw...partially. America historically does not leave a country we took by force and we won’t leave this one either.

I’ve said it before; doing business with our country is like getting something from the Godfather. He’ll give it to you freely and glad to, but there might just come a time when he needs a favor and that favor always comes with a threat.

War IS hell and I don’t like it at all, but we live in a Capitalist country that spreads greedily around the world and it wants to replicate constantly, hence we put teeth in our pursuit of the almighty dollar. I benefit from this process greatly, but in my heart I know it’s wrong.

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