Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How can I get even with the Oil Companies?

This is how we can save money when it comes to buying gas.

First, we must understand that it doesn’t matter who charges what, or what oil Company is making millions. It doesn’t matter if we go to war, or a terrorist threatens to blow up a well in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter if Wall Street decides a barrel of raw crude futures should rise, or fall…

…What matters is supply and demand pure and simple AND what we on an individual basis purchase.

Take a look at your routine. Is there a lot of unnecessary driving going on? Could you eliminate a number of trips, by planning ahead? Does you car need a tune-up? Do you drive the truck every time instead of the compact? Are there times when walking/cycling would get you where you want to go, instead of the car? How about that dreadful C word…car-pooling? Does your vehicle get better mileage at 60 mph, then the 70-80 we now drive?

If we keep demanding giant amounts of fuel, we will continue to promote our dependency to gasoline and the demand and ever-rising prices per gallon. At current prices, if we stop using 5 gallons of gas per week (per household – not per vehicle), we will save ourselves $55 to $60 per month in fuel costs and if we continue this for one year, it comes out to an amazing $685!

We are at their mercy as long as we continue to gulp down gas at the current rate. We are literally promoting the system.

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