Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why are the French youth rioting?

The demonstrations are headed by the Socialist Party, Communist Party and the trade union delegations.

In France, there is a law called 'jobs for life'. Once you get hired, it's almost impossible for an employer to fire you. Some may think this is a good thing, but it actually promotes complacency and low quality. France has 22% unemployment mainly because so much of the population is living on the government anyway.

The new law will allow small business employers (only) to let someone go, or lay them off within the first two years for no reason at all. Maybe they want to down-size, or maybe the person is lazy.

In America, we all labor under a free enterprise system, not the socialist dictations and mandates of laws that promote low worker output and quality so we can keep our jobs. We actually have to perform to keep our jobs. We have performance reviews and deadlines. We have quality expectations by our employers. We have to be at work on time and leave when we are supposed to. All these things usually create a work place that is competitive with other similar businesses.

France is failing on the world market because the people work a 32 hour week with massive benefits and and lavish paid vacations. They can only be fired by a lengthy difficult procedure. Unemployment benefits range from 57 to 75 percent of the worker's last salary and can last as long as three years.

Throw into the mix France's many many immigrants that have made no attempt to assimilate and you have the current giant group of young malcontents that resent the taking away of French government supplied freebies.

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